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 Результаты Молодежной лиги  текущего сезона  с участием "Нефтяник -УОР" ЗДЕСЬ..

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     Результаты игр Суперлиги  текущего сезона  с участием оренбургской команды НЕФТЯНИК ЗДЕСЬ...     

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 Таблица результатов 1 и 2 группы Чемпионат города 2019-2020 гг (мужчины) ЗДЕСЬ... Таблица Чемпионат города женщины 2019-2020 ЗДЕСЬ...

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Федерация волейбола Оренбургской области

Результаты IX областного турнира посвященного памяти первого председателя Законодательного Собрания Оренбургской области В.Н. Григорьева

Результаты турнира среди команд юношей.


2. г.Бугуруслан

3. п.Новосергеевка

4. Красногвардейский район.

5. Грачевский район.

6. Оренбургский район

7. с.Шарлык.

8. Пономаревский район


Результаты IX областного турнира посвященного памяти первого председателя Законодательного Собрания Оренбургской области В.Н. Григорьева


27 июля 2014 г.
Hi brianfound a rnecet local publication from the lib dems and was suprised to see CPZ in old rd has again rasied its ugly head again, despite 2 previous attemps to enlarge or enhance voted against py the public and the local shopkeepers, How about having a consultation involving local business and traders as well as residents, we were not invited to your rnecet meeting in lee and despite assurances that I would be contacted regarding the lack of invitatation by LBC have yet to achive this.please contact me ASAPemail or phone0208 852 401407761176555Mike Elliott
29 июля 2014 г.
Read all about map-making and the haptic sense in the works of Yi-fu Tuan. Why some of the first map-makers in many ctreulus did what they did is one of the most profound human stories.Thanks for these images -- they're nothing if not enigmatic, and they suggest the ferocious desire of the medieval map-maker, and the culture he represented, to fit any data into a preconceived shape -- oh, not that we're like that anymore... One of the most marvelous things about old maps is that they remind us of the certain -- though perhaps invisible to everyone -- limits of our current point of view: we are not more right than they were 1,000 years ago, only wrong in ways the future will know best. This is a humbling lesson in any discipline, but it is never more graphic than in the contemplation of old maps of foreign parts.Thanks again for the beautiful and moving light show, late at night...
31 июля 2014 г.
but Rog, he's right. he has "not seen eye to eye", because as usual he tuenrd his head away. as he does with the social housing crises, with the miscalculations of required school, with the One Barnet, with the Icelandic banks. he's never there to see eye to eye.
16 июня 2016 г.
It's always a relief when someone with obvious expstriee answers. Thanks!

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