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 Результаты Молодежной лиги  текущего сезона  с участием "Нефтяник -УОР" ЗДЕСЬ..

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     Результаты игр Суперлиги  текущего сезона  с участием оренбургской команды НЕФТЯНИК ЗДЕСЬ...     

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 Таблица результатов 1 и 2 группы Чемпионат города 2019-2020 гг (мужчины) ЗДЕСЬ... Таблица Чемпионат города женщины 2019-2020 ЗДЕСЬ...

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Федерация волейбола Оренбургской области

Положение Турнир "Олимпийского Резерва"

18 сентября
Положение Турнир "Олимпийского Резерва"
Положение Турнир "Олимпийского Резерва"


11 сентября 2015 г.
Scott, sorry for not replying to this soenor! I would be very unwilling to violate a known support boundary that potentially affects all of my Exchange data. Think, for a second, about what happens to clients when an NFS mount hangs underneath them. Now think about the effect that could have on your databases. All of them. At the same time.If I remember correct, the Veeam solution is making snapshots of the virtual machine (hence the restriction about VMDKs). This is *also* not supported by Microsoft for Exchange, regardless of hypervisor flavor. See for more information, specifically:Some hypervisors include features for taking snapshots of virtual machines. Virtual machine snapshots capture the state of a virtual machine while it is running. This feature enables you to take multiple snapshots of a virtual machine and then revert the virtual machine to any of the previous states by applying a snapshot to the virtual machine. However, virtual machine snapshots are not application-aware, and using them can have unintended and unexpected consequences for a server application that maintains state data, such as Exchange Server. As a result, making virtual machine snapshots of an Exchange guest virtual machine is not supported.SME is a fine product, and once you have the snapshots on your filer you can use NDMP to back them up to another target.
16 июня 2016 г.
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17 июня 2016 г.
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